Who is this newsletter for?

The Intentional Leader is for people who aspire to lead with skill, compassion, and courage.

The word intention has its Latin roots in intentio: “a stretching out; a turning of one’s attention.” One who leads with intention knows their purpose and designs systems and plans that help them pursue that purpose. 

Intentional leaders build more effective companies, teams, and products because they operate differently from haphazard leaders. 

Haphazard is defined as “lacking any obvious principle of organization or design.” Haphazard leaders leave many important things to chance or whim. They are less inclined to preemptively design the structures they need to enable their teams’ success.

This newsletter describes the principles, behaviors, and systems of great leaders with the goal of cultivating more intentionality.

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What is the content?

1-2x per month, you’ll receive an in-depth article about how to lead intentionally. We’ll skip the trite frameworks and common advice you already know. We’ll dive straight into advanced practices that distinguish OK leaders from great ones. With every post, you’ll get deeper insight and specific tactics you can experiment with right away.

About the author

Hi, I’m Mindy. I’m an executive coach who partners with startup founders and leaders. I believe that leadership is a craft that anyone can master with intentional practice. Learn more about my coaching.